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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Mar 1, 2012 10:44am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: 13 concerts that I am glad I was at .

This is swiped from my FB page , and was aimed at my mostly non-deadhead friends . The last 2 bands are local buddies . This is a little self-indulgent but I though some folks here might be entertained , and might come with their own lists .

1. Grateful Dead - San Bernardino Swing Auditorium 2/2677 - ok, I'm a Dead Head... this ( my 2nd Dead show ,2nd of 50 something) is the one that made me one . First time I saw them ( Shrine , 10/15/76 ) they did mostly short songs, some jamming . this one they opened with the long Terrapin Station (the first live version), and was much more improvisational . 2 shows , almost completely different and none of their "hits". I left this show intrigued .Oh yeah, old Hell's Angels, etc. quite an unusual crowd even for a Dead show .
2. Ramones - Royce Hall, UCLA (!) around the Road to Ruin Album. Imagine hearing the Ramones in their prime in a hall that actually had good sound ! Maybe the fun-nest concert for me ever . They did "Carbona Not Glue" as an encore .
3. Captain Beefheart - Golden Bear, H.B. . Saw him twice here . First time Before "Bat Chain Puller", and on the "Doc " tour . First time, for the 2nd show , we were front row, almost tucked under the stage . Great interaction with him . Being 4 ft away from CAPTAIN BEEFHEART belting out those songs ! Oh my God !
The last time, he was in a pissed of mood, but it made him sing EVEN MORE intensely ! After the show, Mark Reid, David Ewing and I went to Kona Lanes, not to bowl but just to unwind .
4. Stravinsky - Symphony of Psalms , Keith Clark - Cal State Fullerton Orchestra and Chorus . Small hall on campus , great sound, and maybe not a world class performance, but a good one . No recording, could capture the beautiful sound of this performance . It is a seriously spiritual work, not pious or sentimental in anyway . I think it is Igor's greatest work .
5. Angry Samoans - Cal State Fullerton - live IN CLASS ! I had a Rock History class at Cal State, large classroom, so when it came to the Punk our Prof. has the Angry Samoans play ! X was doing a free show outside the bookstore at the same time ! I decided to stay in class , as the experience of seeing this band blasting this obnoxious music to the mostly "preppy" type crowd , sitting in lecture chairs , was not one to be missed !
On our final he asked "What part of Hitler's anatomy did they save , according to the Angry Samoans" ... ( Rhymes with rock )
6. Muddy Waters - Golden Bear , Around the "Still Hard" album . Went to this show with Willie Asher, Tony (?), I can't remember . Man was the crowd pumped . A friend of mine talked with him backstage after the show, " I love it when they're WILD!" . By the end of the show he was caught up in the whole thing . I am really happy I got to see him .He was great .
7.Residents, and Wall of Voodoo - Perkins Palace, Pasadena Halloween night . "Mark of the Mole tour". Great combo : The sarcastic, menacing weird WOV; and the "Mister Rogers" scary Residents . I was dressed pretty weird (10/31..) people kept asking me if I would sell them acid ...
8.Doc Watson, and David Grisman - Beckman Auditorium , Pasadena . A chance to see a living connection to pre-war county music . Just like the oldtimy shows, he did jokes, gospel numbers , Instrumentals , Jimmie Rogers songs ... And played to perfection . Both He and Grisman are monsters on their instruments, but "Dawg" was sweating bullets, while Doc just sat there, not a bead of sweat , blazing away .Wow.
9. Schubert Sym. 8, & Malher , Das Lied... - Giulini , LA phil . Dorothy Chandler Pavilion . The Schubert "Unfinished" can be taken many ways , but I have never hear it played this way . He gave it the sad longing of an old man, remembering his lost youth ( Health ?). The Malher was great , but the Schubert was beyond great . I was glad to have seen one of the "soul men" of classical music .
10. Sun Ra - Coach House -SJC .To see the great Sun Ra in my home town! I think Tony,& Ryan and I went . The metal roof sounded with the extra percussion of rain . This was when Sun Ra was in his "Duke Ellington from Mars" period . I think there were more people in the band than in the crowd. He was suppose to play 90min, he played 2 and a half hours . At one point after playing this way "out there" piano solo that went straight into a full blown straight ahead version or "Mac the Knife". EVERY ONE was dancing.
11. Frank Zappa - Santa Monica Civic - "We have been touring on the new Album "Them or Us", and lets face it people, the record isn't selling . So tonight we are going to do something a little different ." A much more musical show, much less condescending Frank Zappa . At one point he brought out , classical music legend , Nicolas Slomaninski . I have never seen Zappa more attentive, more sincere . It is too bad his bile didn't allow him to be like this more often . And the music was real interesting .
12. Loving Kindness - Bogarts . A long show ! (the night of the switch to daylight saving time) . Lots O" fun ! I recall "Monty" going into the Doors "The End"( In that great "local news anchor " voice ) , but he had spit so much beer into the mike, It died . He threw it down, grabbed another , and went straight into "I Left My Heart in SF". Now THAT'S entertainment !
13. Nu Beams - Tower Records back room .(this was before I worked there) Robert had bands playing in the parking lot . The cops shut that down before the Nu Beams could play . So they set up in the back room of Tower Records and played , and we all danced ! I remember seeing one of the employes opening the door to the back room, shocked to see this "wing-ding" going on in the back room of his work . It was like one of those 60-ties movies , where you open a closet door , and there is a party going on inside .
Another great Nu Beams moment, is being shut down at Irvine Park . When asked if they had a permit to play, Mark Soden said " Oh! Our drummer was supposed to get it!".

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Poster: b42l0ng Date: Mar 1, 2012 5:01pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 13 concerts that I am glad I was at .

I love the Angry Samoans.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Mar 1, 2012 1:12pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 13 concerts that I am glad I was at .

Some good ones in there, DD; sadly, during my concert going days, I was so obsessed, I spent them ALL on the DEAD (74-82, yrs I went to 10-20 shows per yr, 18 or 19 out the 20 being DEAD related, JGB, Kingfish, etc). Shudda seen the Police, defn shudda seen ElCost & THeads in their early tours in Bay Area venues, and though I did see folks like the Who, Stones, Frampton, NYoung, CSN, Santana, I'd say the most fun I had was at a handful: JBrwn & LindaRon, Jerry Riopelle, MTB & Outlaws, and then the DEAD at GGPk, Sep, 75, was by far my fav of theirs (just seemed right).

Since 82, all have been "geezer circuit" events, so I don't rank them highly since all are past prime (IMHO), though I enjoy them much more due to comfortable seats, small venues, etc. For these, I'd rank Leo Kot & Clapton/Winwood as the two that were strongest, energy rich versions of what I expected (er, WANTED), and thus really had a good time. All the others, Jimmy Cliff, Winters Bros, blah, blah, blah, have been v nice, but not what I imagine they were like "early on".

I pay my money and enjoy myself, but imagine if I were a punk, seeing White Stripes instead of Bob Dylan in 2003 (I had to choose, went with Bob for old times sake), would've knocked my socks off, but simply been too much for my frail condition...Or, I would've fallen in love with Meg.

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Poster: ColdRain108 Date: Mar 1, 2012 12:06pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 13 concerts that I am glad I was at .

I'm going to see #4 on your list next week here at the UW. My wife is friends with the organist - and she rocks!

If I could get her to play in my JGB tribute band that would be most awesome - but alas, not a Dead fan and w/o a portable instrument. I've thought of doing some recording sessions at the church where she plays, they have a huge pipe organ that sounds amazing - my wife sings in the Gregorian Choir at the church so I get to hear that organ played quite a bit.

One of my Favorite nights of music was seeing BB King and Willie Dixon at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. Willie was soooooo cool in a Tux, Top Hat and cane. He did a great version of Wang Dang Doodle.

I saw the Dead Kennedys numerous time at the Mabuhay Gardens in SF which is directly across the street from the Stone where I saw the JGB equally numerous times...being 20 and living in the SF bay area was a dream come true.

12/30/1980 was a big day for me...first Dead show...that was all it took. Deadhead from the word drop. I was already an avid experimentor with with the doors of perception by that time- so it was a natural match made in say the least.

s far as other rock artists go - The Who put on a decent show in '79, enjoyed standing on my chair screaming like a maniac...the crowd actually booed the opening act off the stage. CSN put on an incredible show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley one summer - I saw them again later that same year and they SUCKED! The Moody Blues were pretty good even in 1982.

Tom Principato...I saw this guy at a night club in Atlanta in the 80's and it made me wonder how did SRV get so poular while guys like this stayed in the club circuits?

Sun Ra was the original space man, his early non-electric "feedback" sounds still amaze me.

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Poster: JackDog Date: Mar 1, 2012 1:01pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 13 concerts that I am glad I was at .

Holy crap, you're lucky! 2/26/77 is quite possibly my favorite Grateful Dead show, and the second set is nearly perfect. Replace Promised Land and US Blues with something else or just drop 'em, and it's my idea of a perfect second set. The Help>Slip!>Frank is outstanding and Around and Around builds from slowly delicious to rapidly insane, but the special part of the show for me is the jam between Eyes and Dancin'. Phil goes absolutely nuts, and it sounds like he extends the jam longer than the band planned on until it dissolves into the upbeat and happy Dancin'.